Facebook Renovated Their Pages – Have You Converted?

Facebook cleaned up their graffiti covered office walls in their newly renovated house/office but left one word behind:


In the world of social networking, being called a “hacker” is considered a compliment, ironically. According to Zuckerberg, to hack is to be able to build something quickly (not what most of us think). This month FB hack-a-thon’d its way to an upgraded fan page layout. These pages are set up to link brands, businesses, organizations, and media with their fans. The re-design is going to sneak up on everyone March 10th so you might as well be one step ahead and upgrade your fan page now. Here is a run through of all the major changes and why you should make the switch…

1.“Login As Page” or “Use Facebook As Page”
Things just got even more personal. With this feature you can give your brand a face, a name and a voice. Your business page on FB is no longer just an info bleep; your page is a human being– so give it personality. You have the power to move around facebook with your fan page as a person. How does this work exactly?
My page can “comment” on your page
My page can “Like” your page
And my business can even “Poke” your business. Oops… I mean my page can “Poke” your page.

The point is, my page is putting itself out there, mingling, and making an effort. This feature allows you to increase your brands exposure and make all FB exchanges with your brand’s followers much more interactive. You can literally come out of your page – just as Roger’s hand has ripped out of Spring’s fan page…quite literally.

2. The “Everyone” Filter
This is a big promotional opportunity for your brand. This building block is programmed to take the wall posts that are most significant and valuable to your brand and filter them to the top. With the “everyone” filter you no longer have to dig through unimportant wall posts to see what best conveys your brand. We ask “What do we want our fans to see?” It answers.
*of course this isn’t for everyone. If you want the most recent news feed, go to your “Admin View” page in the navigation menu.
You may also notice a strip of photos at the top, a new navigation in vertical links under your profile picture, and optional email notifications – if you are attentive to your fan community.

Nobody Likes Change
Don’t panic – for those of you who already have the new December user profile, the pages were modified to match. Play around – don’t be afraid to dabble and make mistakes with your new fan page; your tweaks are reversible. Be Alert – “When brands ignore changes to social media sites, it’s like celebrities who ignore fashion trends before they hit the red carpet.” These days waking up to a new FB design is like waking up to rain in Vancouver. Expect it. Wrap your head around it. Adapt. We did.

*(Ben Grossman at Oxford Communications – quote) BusinessNewsDaily

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