Facebook Places has launched in Canada

As we previously reported, Facebook has been poised to launch Facebook Places in Canada. Well today is the day. Now you”ll want to claim your business in Places before someone else does.

So how do you claim your business?

First of all, you need to have a personal Facebook account to access this function, and you need to have access to that account via the Facebook app on your iPhone. Unfortunately Facebook Places has not come to the Blackberry yet.

1. Using your iPhone, enter the Facebook app.
2. In the home screen, click on the new Places tab (located in the middle of the screen).
3. You will be directed to the check in screen – here you can see all your friends on Facebook who have checked into places nearby you.
4. Click the Check-In button in the top right hand corner of the screen.
5. Here you will find a list of Places nearby. If your

business is on this list, great! If not, click the button in the top right hand corner of the screen.
6. Enter the name of your business.
7. Enter a description of your business.
8. Click done.
9. You can now share what you are doing at your location (as an option) and tag any friends who are with you.
10. When you are finished click “Check In” – you will now be tagged as “Checked In” to your business on your

personal facebook wall (you aren”t done yet though).
11. Now you need to go from your iPhone to your personal computer. In the search bar at the top of Facebook in your web browser type in the name of your business (you should see a Facebook Places icon appear). Click on your location.
12. At the bottom of your Places page click on the “Is this your business?” button. You”ll now need to certify that you are a representative of this business.
13. Fill out the appropriate information (Company name, URL, Address, Phone Number).
14. Enter your company email address – that contains the same URL as your company.
15. You”ll now need to upload a scan of either a company phone bill or utility bill – something with your legal company name and address.
16. Press submit

I’ll be honest, we don’t exactly know what happens next, because Facebook has just launched this feature. It will take time for Facebook to verify your Place, but once they have you will now have access to it (much like Google Places) – which will allow you to revise your company information but also engage with those who have Checked In (much like Foursquare). Facebook will be launching further tools to optimize your Place in the near future – and we”ll be sure to report update you all on this blog – so check back soon.

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