Dine out Vancouver: Customers 2 Restaurants 1

What a brilliant idea Dine out Vancouver is!  It’s hard to see how anyone can lose.  Customers  get a deal, and have a great incentive to try out new places – and restaurants get to put bums on seats at a quiet time of the year, and the chance to make some new friends.  Everybody wins!…. unless you go to Bacchus, the restaurant in the Wedgewood Hotel.

I went there and they did not miss a chance to let me know that they were doing me a great favour, letting me know that I should be really appreciative.  For a restaurant that bills itself as fine dining, we were in and out of there in 50 minutes for a three course meal!  So you know the food is not cooked to order, and it sure tasted like it as well.

On the other hand, Red Door and Raincity Grill really understand what they’re doing.  When I went to these two places, they couldn't have tried harder to create a great impression.  And they succeeded as well.  Friendly welcoming service, nothing too much trouble, really tasty food cooked to order.  Perhaps it’s no coincidence that these two places have great atmospheres that were full of positive energy, whereas Bacchus had the hushed environment of a mausoleum – oops, sorry, meant to say museum!

All three restaurants were first time visits for me, and I’ll definitely be going to back to two of them.  Guess which ones.

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