Customer Pricing: Do many people actually think about the price?

On a recent trip to Palm Springs, my family was fully primed by many friends, colleagues and acquaintances: “You gotta hit that Outlet Mall… killer deals!”; “Take an extra suitcase!” So we duly did both…. to find that, really and truly, most prices were pretty much the same that a savvy shopper could find right here in Vancouver, or elsewhere in California.

However, this didn’t seem to stop lots of people staggering around under mountains of designer bags.

Bearing in mind there is still a fairly deep recession going on in the US right now, this could easily be thought of as surprising.

All of which is more evidence to suggest that the actual dollars and cents of the price on the tag is not the most meaningful information at the point of purchase – the most important aspect is the perception of the deal. If it looks like it is and it should be a great deal, then it probably is and many people are just going to take that on trust and not give it any further consideration. It’s not so much what price you say, as how you say it.

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