Coding Memories

Although QR Codes are nothing new, their applications are becoming more and more commonplace, and creative.

This is cleverly displayed in this video showcasing an OXFAM Thrift Store’s use of the technology. Folks who drop off their items are invited to leave a personal audio message about their item, why they are donating it and its importance to them – creating an emotional connection with shoppers. Although I can’t imagine what it would be like to work in the store, when customers use their RFID (radio-frequency identification) reader on their iPhones the audio description of the product plays over the store’s speakers. In other instances, a short video plays on their phone.

The possibilities for this technology is endless. Imaging opening up your dinner menu at the new hot restaurant in town and finding QR codes next to each of the entree items. With a quick scan with your phone you can view a short video about how the meal is made, or where the items are sources. Imaging walking up to the 18th tee at an unfamiliar golf course, scanning the QR code on your scorecard and viewing a tee to green video of the hole’s layout (a la TV golf coverage).

Creating QR codes is becoming easier and easier. Tales of Things, a company specializing in ‘do it yourself’ codes makes creating your own codes as simple as:

1. Finding something to code
2. Give it a story
3. Printing the code
4. Attaching it to the item

The RFID then connects any media to any thing.

Where do you see the possibilities? We’d like to hear your thoughts.

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