Cannes comes to town

Last night NABS West (@NABSWest) held a fundraising event and showcased the 2010 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival Awards Reel for the ad folk of Vancouver to enjoy. Although the crab cakes (I use that term lightly…more like yucky fishy cakes) were gross, the reel started off great with an emotional ad for the which nearly made me cry, and the hilarious, and definitely unforgettable Vancouver Film Festival ads. Some other hits of the night included the hysterical ad for the Young Directors Award that made the whole audience laugh out loud, an incredible single-take, 6min Johnnie Walker ad, and the powerful Aids Foundation ad from South Africa which shows reverse effect of Aids on a young women over 90 days. On the disturbing side of things was an
ad for Aviation Environmental Awareness showing Panda Bears falling from the sky to demonstrate the effect planes have on air quality and an Animal Cruelty spot which was very clever but forced me to cover my eyes.
The final Gold Lion was a German spot for a Horror television channel with no subtitles. The judges must have been psychic, German, stoned, or all of the above because well, I’m still scratching my head. To close off the night, the Grand Prix went to the lovable Old Spice Guy…no surprise there.

In watching the ads from Bronze to Gold, I felt the distinction on some could have been swapped as most of my favourites were Bronze and Silver placed ads, then again I’m definitely nowhere near qualified to be a judge at the Cannes Film Festival! The Canadian talent definitely shone through (as it should!) showing that Canada is in fact a power house in the global advertising world.

In the end, my take-away from the whole thing is the reminder that good advertising really does create an emotion. It’s not just about selling something, it’s about making people feel something. And that makes me smile:)

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