Being a Spring Intern

It’s not every day that you walk into a room full of funny people simultaneously working on interesting projects and playing with toy helicopters, Shake Weights, or guitars. Unless you work (or intern) at Spring.

For anyone potentially looking to intern in account services, here are five reasons why I think you should do it.

  1. Spring is an ad agency that is willing to take risks. This means that they will
    take risks on interns (for which I am ever grateful.) This means that you won’t spend every waking hour having to clean, take out the garbage, get coffees, or kiss feet. You also get do to things such as help with events, attend client meetings, create documents, and take brisk strolls through the brick footpaths of Yaletown as you go on bank runs.
  2. Spring has done some really cool stuff which you can see for yourself on the website. You should be here for the next big thing. Whatever it is, it will be incredible.
  3. Spring is funny. Everyone says funny things, shares funny videos, has funny posters. There is no lack of humour here. Even when it’s my turn to be the butt of the jokes, I still think they are funny.
  4. Spring is in Yaletown, the land of Range Rovers and creative people. It’s right by the Canada Line, perfect for transit-using interns. It’s right by the water. Very pretty. It is generally just a nice place to be, and has an abundance of sushi and coffee.
  5. Inside Spring there are not only some of the coolest people, but also trees, a straw covered wall, mussels, and an airplane wing. This is all true.

The last three months of being an account services intern have been a blast. If you’re lucky enough to be the next one, take advantage of everything you can, and laugh a little.

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