Be a Hero

Everyday while on Facebook…. well every other day while on Facebook, I try to watch a GoPro clip. If you haven”t heard of a GoPro by now, where the hell have you been? I’d say it was about 2 years ago when my totally insane, skydiving, base jumping brother in law introduced me to the worlds smallest and most durable HD camera.

Last year, while at Future Shop, I decided to be a Hero. I purchased the camera along with LCD screen, head mount gear and all it’s sticky pads and began to shoot. I shot while boarding in Whistler, kayaking in Pt Roberts, riding the motorbike down “The Drive” and I recently shot even more video on my latest vacation to Amsterdam and Italy about 3 months ago. I must have had about 50hrs of HD footage. It”s so tiny and easy to use. I managed to cut a video which you can watch below – but be warned, it’s a lengthy 14 minutes long ( which is short considering I was recording for what felt like 3 weeks straight )

Amsterdam to Italy from James Filbry on Vimeo.

This camera ( now available as the Hero2 and 3D Hero ) not only shoots 1080p HD while doing just about anything from surfing to rock climbing, but you can easily set it up to do hires time-lapse shots that range from 2 – 60 second intervals. I”m sure some of you are like ya, ya old news, but I still get excited when I wake up in the morning, see the mountains covered with snow and think about shooting my next snowboarding adventure. Have any of you shot with it and if so – where”s your vid?

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