Attempting New Experiences

Goat mountain perch

It can sometimes seem difficult to take time from your regular routine and try something new, adventurous, or maybe even frightening.

It has been a mandate of mine to always try new things, say “YES!’, and not be fearful. This has often opened many proverbial doors, or helped me gain access to new places through a second story window.

Who knows what’s on the other side?

Taking the adventurous route:

My girlfriend and I have been trying to get out on a hike for months. There is always something preventing us from getting out there, whether it be weather,timing, work (usually work), or some other event.

Cliff JumpLast weekend we decided to hike up to Goat Mountain out of the Seymour day-lot. When we managed to get up there, we realized the path was completely snow-covered and slushy. Not again! Not this time… we decided to push through a section where many were turning back.

When we finally reached the top (with soaking wet feet and sun burns) came our reward. Overlooking the mountains on one side and the city on another awoke serenity not often felt in the city. The city was unmoving as if captured in a picture and time had hit an abrupt stop.

Trying something new: I have recently commenced an internship here at Spring where I have been fortunate to meet some great people. I have a strange history of employment; anywhere from slugging around drywall to downtown bartending to teaching kids to ski. Starting at Spring has opened a new Chapter in my life, something not to take for granted.

Doing something that frightens me: I have never considered myself to be artistic, creative maybe; artistic, not a chance. Creating art is something that takes a certain innate skill, something that in itself is a craft. Painting (not of the finger variety), is something that has scared me my whole life.

That is until my brush hit the canvas.

It became a methodical act, not about a skill, but just letting the right side of my brain decide what looked and felt right. Why had I feared this activity? With collaboration from my girlfriend and a bottle of Malbec, we had finished the painting. A feather to represent ‘ascension’, moving upwards and forwards.


Upon trying these new things, I feel balanced, like I am moving in the right direction. Not just on a career basis, but for my personal achievements. I think this is important, keep moving forward, challenge yourself, try something different. Keep asking yourself what is on the other side of that second story window.

If anyone has done or plans to do something they fear or has challenged them, please share with a comment! I’d love to hear what new opportunities may lay ahead.

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