All He Needed Was Love; John Lennon Backstory Biopic

If you like the Beatles, you’re probably already familiar with the story of them going to Hamburg, and breaking through into the big time. What makes the movie Nowhere Boy interesting is that it doesn’t deal with any of that. It tells the story of young John Lennon, aged

14 – 17 years old, and gives a compelling insight into how his family background played into his acerbic wit, his drive to be famous, and his relationship with Paul.

Great stuff, and I won’t give anything away here other than to observe that when the movie ended, just about the entire audience stayed rooted to their seats, mesmerized by what they had seen and not wanting it to end.

Although there’s quite a few dark moments in the film, there’s also an uplifting message about the sheer power of youth to change themselves, and to make great things happen from the sheer force of their will. I’m really grateful we’ve got lots of young, talented people at Spring, who are doing great things for us right now, and bursting with the potential to succeed.

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