Advertising With Kids

Before my internship at Spring, most of my experience had been with children; studying developmental psyche, coaching sports, and teaching in an elementary school. Even though the little brats were sucking the life out of me everyday – I loved it and here’s why…

In advertising we are always dared to think outside the box… well, kids don’t have a box. Adults color in the lines, whereas Kids color outside the lines, on the walls, and on each other. Mom and dad are actually robots, underwear is meant to be worn on your head, animals can talk, and if you want to be Darth Vader for the day – then why the hell not? Perhaps this is why the new

Volkswagen commercial “the force” was so popular. Kids don’t have a limit on their thoughts and they certainly don’t have a filter. Sometimes we wish we could rid our minds of these learned societal borders and just be a kid again. I know I do.

The Spring staff exercises their imagination (their inner child) on a daily basis, most of the time they don’t even know it:

Emails must be shot & blasted – we are on a battlefield
Business cards are building blocks – we are in the sandbox

Tasks must be divided & conquered –we are now on a top secret mission
Office equipment are pogo sticks & slinky’s –we are back in the sandbox

The drop-box is actually a “plopper” and putting in a caffeine order is a thing we like to call arts & crafts time; craft your coffee using as many adjectives as possible… it’s your own personal creation and the intern loves it (sarcasm).

Always encourage a healthy imagination in advertising; people don’t forget it.

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