Addicted to your phone?

When a Blackberry meets water, nothing good can come of it. When my Blackberry got wet on a boat a few weeks ago, I was left without a smartphone! Luckily, my old LG Shine was stashed away for a rainy day so that has kept me mobile. I have to say, life without a smartphone has proven to be frustrating. How addicted are we to our iPhones or Blackberrys?

Being accustomed to a Blackberry for a couple of years, I realize how much I depend on it…am I the only one? Whether used for atoledo business or pleasure, I don’t know many people who haven’t traded in their Motorola flip phone for some type of smartphone device. A survey done by Neilsen Online shows that Canadians are adopting smartphones much faster than any other mobile device. In one year, the integration of smartphones amongst Canadian cellphone users grew from 16% to 21.3%.

This trend won”t fade anytime soon.

Without immediate access to email, internet (including Facebook!) and Blackberry Messenger, I’ve felt lost and disconnected more than a handful of times. Yikes! What did we do before the smartphone? For most of us, our phone is a safety blanket. Looking down at the screen has become a constant habit; checking for new messages, emails or Twitter updates. Before the smartphone, we left work at the end of the day and didn’t concern ourselves with incoming emails unless we sat down to our computer.

Now the work day ends when the next one starts. Constant communication has taken over the business world as our need for an immediate response continues to grow. Is the smartphone our addiction of the 21st Century?

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