A Snapshot of the Facebook Camera App

Mark Zuckerberg may be taking some heat from the Facebook IPO chaos in Wall Street, but the show must go on in the world of social media with the launch of Facebook Camera app last Thursday. It seems strange that only two months after buying Instagram for a whopping $1 billion dollars, Zuckerberg created his own iOS photo editing software app entirely devoted to Facebook users. Although Facebook spokesperson, Derick Mains, told ABC News that “the product [had] been in works before the acquisition,” it seems as though Zuckerberg used a ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’ approach prior to the launch of his new app. However, with the acquisition not quite closed, Zuckerberg claims that Facebook

Camera will not bring an end to Instagram and that the original photo editing app will continue to develop independently from Facebook Camera.

Phew! As an avid Instagram user myself, I was hesitant to accept Facebook Camera, fearing that the launch of the app would bring an end to my beloved editing software that could transform my photos from amateur to professional at the tap of a finger. However, after cracking under social media pressure I decided to see what all the hype was about and downloaded Facebook Camera onto my iPhone.

Me climbing The Chief in Squamish, BC! (Edited using Facebook Camera on my iPhone 3G)

Faster than you could say, “Cheese”, I was hooked! The app is incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate with its familiar Facebook-like layout and graphics. Facebook Camera seems to start where Instagram left off, building on the former app’s use of professional-looking filters and simple upload technology, while also incorporating some much needed improvements. For example, unlike Instagram where you are only able to edit and upload one photo at a time, Facebook Camera lets you edit, crop, tag, comment, and apply filters to multiple photos from your entire camera roll – all of which can be uploaded in one go! Its home page consists of albums, photos and photo-updates from your Facebook contacts, allowing you to easily navigate through albums by simply sliding your finger across the screen. My technological shift from Instagram to Facebook Camera reminds me of the time I made the grand switch from being a devoted Blackberry user to become iPhone (and Apple) obsessed, but it’s a change worth making! Although Instagram exceeds in the artsy, hipster department in its appearance, Facebook Camera is undoubtedly more advanced in its ability to edit, upload and share multiple photos, making it the perfect app to

create and showcase your inner photographic talents with the rest of the world. I strongly suggest you give Facebook Camera it a try – maybe you’ll be the next Steve McCurry.

Facebook Camera is available for any iOS device and can be downloaded from the Apple App store.

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