‘Like’ the others

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A recent survey showed that on average, Facebook users clicks the “like” button at least 6 times a day. That”s a lot of “likes” if you think about the total number of people on Facebook. Nowadays, the once “liked” can easily be forgotten or disregarded. Things that are “cool” don”t stay that way for very long.

The art of discovery has changed. We find something that interests us, we click a button that notifies hundreds of our “friends” within our social network that we “like” it. But, when too many people like something, it can also become quite unlikeable.

I just stumbled upon a European fashion retailer that displays Facebook “likes on actual articles of clothing that they sell in-store. C&A enables customers to rate an article of clothing which tells shoppers which items are the most popular. This is supposedly a good thing which helps insecure shoppers, offering them a second opinion. I don”t know about you, but the last thing I want to do is buy a jacket that I know 10,000 other guys think is “cool”. I can hear the conversation now, “Hey man – nice jacket” I dunno – would seeing a high ‘like’ count help you decide to purchase an article of clothing?

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