How to Develop an Advertisement Developing an advertisement that excites likely people may seem difficult, than you believe but itis easier.

The easier the higher, actually. An advertising amounts up precisely what is sensible, modern, and famous about your company, and is nearly crucial in the present economic market. To publish, design, and check an ad, follow these ways. Ad Measures Part 1 of 3: Producing the Advertising Develop a, tagline that is fast. Preserve it limited and nice; the product that is average needs a maximum of six or seven words. it sounds like a mouthful also if you state it out-loud, revise it along. Whatever it’s, it tell her or him your merchandise differs from everyone else???s and should grab the consumer’s focus. Contemplate using : Rhyme ??? “does one Aol?” Humor ??? “Dirty mouth? Clear it with gum!” A play on phrases ??? “Every hug begins with ???Kay???” Innovative symbolism ??? Yellow Pages: “Permit your hands do the strolling” Metaphor ??? “Red Bull gives you wings” Alliteration ??? “Intel Inside” your own commitment ??? Resort 6: “We depart the light on for you” Dry understatement ??? Carlsberg alcohol features a large register downtown Copenhagen that scans, “Possibly The best alcohol in town”. Ad Prevent the same old. The key to some ad that is superior is being unique. The next your advertisement borrows a common advertising expression (for example, “new and enhanced,” “guaranteed,” or “free surprise” ??? can there be any type?), it becomes interchangeable with 1000s of others. Listeners are very much accustomed to advertising clich??s which they don???t perhaps notice them. (Simply tune in to Tom Waits???s Step Right Around notice how useless clich??s audio when installed together.) When you have a great deal to declare, startling the reader into paying attention is very useful. As an example, this long, environmentally-concentrated news wouldn???t turn several minds if it weren???t for that tagline that is confrontational; when the audience desires to get the scam, he/she has to read more. Understand how to walk the line between dubious and enjoyable. Driving the restrictions of good flavor to assist your ad grab attention is typical practice, but don’t move too much ??? you would like your merchandise to become recognized by itself merits, not as it was linked with an advertisement that is tasteless. Utilize a powerful approach. There are approaches that are true and tried that publishers rely on to make their ads adhere. These contain: wise practice: Challenging the buyer to think about reasonable not to purchase service or something. Laughter: Generating the customer chuckle, thus producing oneself likeable and unforgettable. This and refreshing honesty sets specially well. Not the most effective company in your category? Market your lines are quicker. Repetition: Getting your merchandise to stay by reproducing important components. Jingles would be the most apparent strategy except they???re excellent, they???re likewise probably the most annoying, although to do that. In case you get this path, brainstorm an even more imaginative, less obvious consistency method like the the one that was found in the Budweiser frog advertisements (“bud-weis-er-bud-weis-er-bud-weis-er”). Exigency: Convincing the consumer that point is of the quality. Minimal- fire sales period simply presents, and so on will be the worst strategies prevent pointless phrases that will fall under your customers??? radar although to do that, but again. Learn the client. If it does not interest the prospective audience also the most clever advertising won???t work. Are you currently looking for a specified age group? Would you like people who have an income degree that is group? Or possibly you are buying a population with a special-interest? Whatever it’s, try and get yourself a distinct photo of why she or he would be enthusiastic about what you’re marketing and who your aspiration consumer is. If you are creating the tone keep your target client at heart and look of your advertising. Recall: it takes to interest your crowd up to possible and prevent talking to them or annoying. Kids cv writing service are generally over-aroused, meaning you will need to seize their interest on numerous amounts (color, noise, symbolism). Adults recognize humor and often answer peer effect and trendiness. People may well be more discerning and react to innovative laughter, quality, and value. Discover a way as to the you’re marketing, to connect the dreams of shoppers. Think of it-this approach: the advertisement ought to be a bridge between what your aspiration customer desires or requirements along with your merchandise. Brainstorm in what your client would wish, along with some of the tips below. Don’t change your tips immediately, just produce them down ??? you’ll have sufficient time to choose over them later. In case your solution or function is aspirational, think about. Are you marketing something which people would buy in order to feel about their monetary or interpersonal status? For example, you could be selling seats to your profit gala that is built to feel lavish and classy, even if the citation value is properly below what many wealthy people could be able to cover. In case you are marketing an aspirational product, try and produce your advertisement express an oxygen of indulgence. Establish whether your item is for sensible means. If you should be marketing something similar to a vacuum, made to execute typical tasks or produce lifestyle easier for your consumer, rotate it in a different direction. Instead of focusing luxury, give attention to how occasion or the solution will give you leisure and peaceofmind for your client. Give attention to your product’s most desirable part. Why should people be enticed by it? What sets it aside from equivalent items that are other? What can you like best about this? These could all be great starting points for an advertisement. Can there be an unmet desire or need, any stress in the mind of the customer, that will produce a market on your particular product? Gauge the need difference that prevails for the product or service Try to ensure that your ad can age effectively. You don’t need folks being shocked at its material and wanting back at your ad in 10 years. Permanently examples of how popular tropes that are societal may search awful in older ads, search for smoke or diet product ads from the 1950s and ’60s. Ensure all of the information that is appropriate is included. In case your customer must learn your local area, phonenumber, or website (or all three) as a way to have usage of your solution, present these records somewhere inside the ad. If you are promoting an event, are the site, time, time and admission cost. Decide where and when to market. Start endorsing it atleast 6 to 8 weeks beforehand whether it’s going to accommodate more than 100 people; start promotion three to four weeks onward whether or not it’s significantly less than that if you should be marketing for an event. If you’re advertising a product, think about the time of the year when people are more apt to buy what-you’re marketing. As an example, if you’re advertising a hoover, it may promote better cleaning within the spring, when people are undertaking. Advertising Part 2 of 3: Planning an Advertisement Pick a wonderful photograph. Simple but unanticipated is often the most effective route to take. These huge, for example, colorful outline ads that barely even demonstrate the iPods couldn???t that is peddling get far more easy, but since they don???t seem like any advertisements, they are not quickly unrecognizable. Distinguish oneself out of your leading player(s). A burger can be a burger is just a pizza, but you???ll never create your selling if you allow yourself believe that way. Utilize your ad to highlight your product???s advantages over that of the competitors. To avoid lawsuits, stick to phrases not theirs, about your solution. As an example, this Pizza King advertising mocks how big the Massive Mac while talking the literal truth: that is a Huge Mac container, afterall, causing McDonaldis no legitimate soil from which to retaliate. Design a company logo (optional). An image says one thousand words, and if a logo is effective enough, it may provide wording pointless (the backwards Nike checkmark, the Apple bitten apple, the McDonald’s arches, the Chevron shell). Attempt to develop an easy, interesting image that will adhere while in the heads of visitors if you are running a print or tv advertising. Consider these items: Do you curently have a logo? If you’re able to, think of innovative and clean means of re -believing it. Do you have a commonly-used color scheme to utilize? In case your brand is immediately recognizable from the shades inside the ad or perhaps the emblem, make use of this to your advantage. McDonald’s, Bing, and Coca Cola are cases. Find a software or technique making your advertising. How your advertisement is created by you is determined by which medium you happen to be applying to promote. Here are a few simple tips to obtain you started: if you are creating a smallscale printing ad (such as a flyer or newspaper ad), try using a program including Adobe InDesign or Photoshop. Or, if you’re buying choice that is free, you may use Pixlr or GIMP. Try working with Picasa iMovie, or Media Player if you are creating a video ad. For an audio ad, you can use iTunes or Audacity. To get a large scale print advertisement (such as a banner or billboard), you will possibly must contact a printing store to get the task accomplished. Ask which application they advise using. Ad Part 3 of 3: Testing an Advertisement Tell buyers to ask by brand for somebody. If clients have the choice of calling your institution in reaction for example, to an ad, direct them to “require Paul.” On another advertisement, direct them to “ask for Laura.” Issue if Laura or Paul possibly occur; what does issue is that the individual getting these calls records exactly how many individuals require whom is doesn???ted by it. This is a free way to course which advertisements are getting people and which aren???t. Primary consumers in your page to URLs that are distinct. Setup to have a various landing page for each advertisement you???re assessment, then track which is gone to by how many individuals. Again, this can be a , hidden that is easy solution to discover which techniques draw the most people. Supply coupons in shades that are various. If couponing is a part of your advertisement approach, ensure each ad includes a different coloring coupon so you can tally them independently. Measure the general reaction to your advertisement. Did sales appear to raise after your advertisement? Did your advertising subscribe to the numbers that are brand new, or were they because of forces out of your control? Evaluate how well your first energy went and take a lesson for the next time. Ad We could definitely use your aid! Can you tell us about Former Associations? Yes No Former Interactions Steer clear of decreasing for your exboyfriend Can you reveal about Social connections? Yes No Social relationships How-to demonstrate somebody you care about them Can you inform US about Feminine power? Yes No Female empowerment to be considered a young woman that is prosperous Can you reveal about Performing? Yes No Singing Just how to learn to signal rock Cheers for supporting! Please reveal whatever you know about … Tell all you know here to us. Remember, increased detail is not worsen. Recommendations Provide Facts. Please be as detailed as you are able to inside your explanation. Don’t be worried about format! We’ll take care of it. Like: Don’t state: Eat fats. Do claim: Include fats with some nutritional value for the ingredients you currently eat. Try butter, coconut oil, avocado. Send Guidelines Check, recheck and check your ad-copy again. Stay away from dull hues or tiny print, for they consider focus away from your advertisement. Remember that the eye is normally attracted to items that have the brightest shade, of course if your advertisement does not have sharp hues, then it’ll not be discovered as much. Less is definitely more. The less a reader must study, the less a has to consume, bodes well to your ad. If possible, and if you know how, make use of the golden percentage to your advertisement layout. Use critical verbs like now??? that is ???buy. Ads are expensive of income, and an advertisement that is excellent takes your buck a way that is long. It could be worth spending a specialist copywriter for an advertisement that is fantastic. Read more on

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Someone Had to Go. The Predictable Demise of Future Shop.

In about two weeks, my first book, Finders and Keepers will be published.

Finders and Keepers examines the profound impact of a powerful customer type. One that doesn’t buy on price but instead buys on the quality and real authenticity of a product. Finders care little for brands but do care for the discovery of the new and the lasting value of materials, technology, provenance and craftsmanship. Although Finders represent fewer than half of the adult population, their spending power and the profitability of their buying behavior represents up to 77% of discretionary consumer spending. Finders exist in stark contrast to Keepers, the more commonly pursued, deal-sensitive consumers who are only stimulated to buy by the deepest of discounts, the biggest pile of product features or the status of a brand, or a combination of all of the above. Based on a ten-year study of consumer behavior, Finders and Keepers is an analysis of the habits of these consumers and the profound economic and business impacts that they create. Yet to try to do business with both types can mean certain death for almost any organization.

In the mean time, I couldn’t resist a bit of a tease that speaks to what can only be seen as the inevitable disappearance of the electronics superstore. This excerpt from Finders and Keepers talks about the now defunct US retailer Circuit City. To read this is to perhaps gain a better understanding of what led to This Saturday’s closure of 66 Future Shop stores across Canada. The Financial Post calls this “The Amazon Effect.” They are only partially correct. Enjoy,


Circuit City

If you were in a mood to sum up the end of a business in one sentence, this one might be fitting when it comes to the end of Circuit City: Somebody had to go.

Like Linens N Things, the rise of the category of home electronics came with an equally precipitous fall. If you are old enough to remember a time before the remote control or MTV or, for that matter, HBO, you will recall that a television set was something that sat in the living room of every home in America. It was a fixture with an expected life span to match that of other household appliances. Up until the turn of the millennium, that Sony or Panasonic or even that Zenith or Electrahome TV held a place in the home where it would be expected to stay for about as long as the washer, the fridge, and the hot water tank in the basement. Then along came the flat screen TV. Suddenly every early adopting, TV watching Finder and High Status Keeper was in the market for a TV. A wave hit the electronics business that carried with it ever more technology in the form of surround sound systems and Blu-ray players. New technology had built a profitable and not very price sensitive new consumer willing to pay the big dollar. On the heels of that consumer came bigger electronics retailers and more volume. As technology matured, prices came down and a second wave of customers hit the market in search of the sub $1,000 flat screen TV and under $300 DVD player.

Factories in China, Vietnam, Taiwan, and Korea were built to take full advantage of demand. Soon that one-time $10,000, 32-inch HD TV could be bought for about $700 and everyone could have one. Surround sound packages dropped below $1,000. DVD players fell lower and lower. How was the quality? Look at it this way, for the big home electronics stores, the number one most profitable product sold during the last decade wasn’t a product at all, it was the extended warranty. Bargain hunting buyers soon learned, at their peril, that one had best shell out the 10% of purchase price for a warranty or risk a DVD player that began to skip the after the one year factory warranty dried up.

Then along came Napster. Within a matter of months, the “software” section of every megastore emptied out which meant that the part of the store that generated repeat visits from CD shoppers just didn’t anymore. It didn’t happen overnight; digital downloading, the Apple Store, and streaming would take a few more years to finish off the CD but the damage was done. The high frequency customers, those who from time to time might drop in for an old Pink Floyd CD and walk out with a new flat screen TV, had become a rarity.

The whole market continued to commoditize. Now that once-coveted flat screen, bought as a better way to watch a good movie by some and bought as a better way to symbolize success by others, could be bought EVERYWHERE. In 2005, you could go to a Best Buy or a Circuit City and pay somewhere around $1,000 for an entry level 32-inch “sort of HD” flat screen. Today you would have a hard time spending $250 on the same size unit while getting far superior performance. Which might be okay until you consider that it can be bought at Costco, Walmart, Target, Big Lots, Kmart, Sears, and, well, everywhere. And then there’s online where the buying started with Dell TVs, moved on to Amazon, and then onward to discounters like Newegg and Tiger Direct.

But, DVD had a good run. Right? Until video streaming that is. Video streaming, from conventional cable, pirated movies, video subscription streamers—including the granddaddy of them all—Netflix, and online giants Apple Store and Google Play have killed off the DVD. With the death of the DVD comes another empty software section of the store and another product line in the form of DVD players that no one wants anymore.

By 2008, this cycle had finally hit the off switch for Circuit City. Somebody had to go. It might be fair to say that the end may be near for almost everyone else left in the electronics superstore business.

Was this another case of a business caught in that deadly no-man’s land between Finders and Keepers? Interestingly, it wasn’t. It would be naïve at best, opportunistic at middle, and revisionist at worst to claim that Circuit City would have avoided death by commoditization (Napster and its progeny, streaming video, and competition on all fronts) if it had only sold its goods in some immersive, arty environment filled with unique and definitive products. This wouldn’t have and simply couldn’t have been the case; Circuit City’s problems were just too numerous and unpredictable to have been avoided. There’s relevance here that doesn’t exist within the story of that retailer’s rise and fall; it exists instead in the present and in the future where products that those megastores once thrived on are split into commodities and non-commodities.

Copyright © 2015 Spring Advertising Ltd.

All Rights Reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or any information storage and retrieval system, without the permission in writing from the Publisher.


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As you might have read some time ago on this page, I love a good awards show. I really love the Lotus Awards. We’ve had some great years at that show. But I hold a dear place in my heart for the people who make Lotus a night that punches way above its weight from this ever-shrinking Vancouver market.

Last week we picked up gold at the Marketing awards. I am making a shameless brag face.

So it’s a good time to let everyone know that we will retire from all awards shows and annual entries for one full year. Here’s why. Ever since we opened in 2006 we have been giving part of our profits to a good cause. We generally do this on our birthday, the First Day of Spring. See Boink Day and Hugs for Hunger.

But now we find that we’ve been spending more on award shows than on good deeds. With this in mind, we have decided that this is a time to stop showing and to start giving.

We are in the midst of developing something with the aim of changing a person or person’s lives. That’s the brief. Stay tuned for the execution. As part of this effort we will be investing our awards and annual entry budget from May 2013 to May 2014.

We will continue to do our very best work for our clients during that time. Nuff said.

As for everybody else, keep up the good fight, keep doing your incredible work and we’ll see you next year.




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Free Parking

A few weeks ago I had a near perfect day absolutely ruined by a parking ticket. I returned to my car that day, and learned that the $6 I had paid for a paltry hour of parking simply wasn’t enough, a slip of paper was tucked under my wiper blade and I found myself $70 in the hole.

I did what anyone would do in my situation, I whined about it at work all afternoon and found solace in the mutual parking woes of my coworkers.

I believe a famous hockey player or politician once said:

It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.

My coworker Shon and I decided to turn our misfortune into most fortune for other Vancouver motorists. In true Spring random act of kindness fashion, we would go on a parking meter plugging spree!

Armed with all the loose change we could muster and a friendly note disguised as a parking ticket, we set out to the streets of downtown Vancouver and gave the gift of time.

coin zero

We moved swiftly through the streets like parking meter guardian angels and hopefully alleviated a few nasty surprises. When confronted by a group of girls returning to their expired meter in the act of being topped up, we were met with incredulous admiration. “ You’re plugging our meter?!” they asked, “Pay it Forward” we said, well either that or to City Hall.


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Tainted is usually a word used to describe something bad or terrible, but to me it also resembles something inspiring.

Two weekends ago I saw a fearfully touching reading of a play called Tainted about a family who lived through the troubling times of the Tainted Blood Crisis that took off in the 1980s. This crisis deeply affected the lives of hemophiliacs across Canada.

What are hemophiliacs you ask? Hemophiliacs are individuals (mainly males) whose bodies are missing and/or cannot produce the protein Factor XIII in their blood that allows it to clot, meaning that yes, in severe circumstances they could bleed to death. Though there is no cure, there is a way to temporarily restore these Factor VIII levels via direct infusions into the blood. Sounds like a solid fix, right? But what if this medicine was once tainted with HIV and Hepatitis C? What if that one thing that enabled you to live a safe and normal everyday life was the thing that killed you? What if the Canadian Red Cross knew about this and did nothing but stand by and watch innocent victims get sick, die, and during those early and often hateful days, get ridiculed for contracting the “gay disease”. What if I told you this appeared to be true.

In the 1980s, many people who’d had blood transfusions or used medical blood products were mysteriously getting sick. It seemed that by the time proper testing took place around 2,000 were infected with HIV and up to 60,000 contracted Hepatitis C. What’s worse is that there was major denial of infected products and none were ever recalled. No official statement was made until all of the infected products were distributed and used. It wasn’t until 2001 the Canadian Red Cross was found guilty of negligence for failing to screen blood donors effectively for HIV infection and stripped of its control over the blood program. To this day many are angered with the 2007 ruling that found there was “no crime” in the actions of the four doctors and a US medical company in relation to this disasters turn of events. Many believe this crisis is responsible for nearly wiping out an entire generation of hemophiliacs.

Similar tragedies have occurred in a few other areas of the world such as Japan, Iraq, Iran, Scotland, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and the US. France is currently in the middle of their public inquiry to find out exactly how this happened and who’s to blame. The playwright behind Tainted has done a full production of the play in Toronto and is currently raising $5000 to take the reading to the UK and spread awareness.

For me, this play hit close to home. My brother has severe hemophilia. Though he himself was not directly affected by this crisis I know a few people who have HIV because of it today and the thought that it could happen again is frightening. This play deeply touched many hearts, including mine, and unveils so many of the awful and true stories of this tragedy. I believe it is such an impactful way of spreading awareness that I personally want to help this cause.

Here at Spring we like to do good things. For my birthday, I will be taking my annual “Spring Do Something Good On Your Birthday, Get the Day Off Day™” to donate blood, as Factor VIII is created from the plasma of donated blood. And, instead of my usual birthday-spree I will be donating $100 to GromKat Productions and the Moyo Theatre.

I suggested to the playwright that she have a reading recorded so it can be distributed and shared as a podcast. A few days ago, Kat Lanteigne (the playwright) emailed me and told me she has reached out to her CBC friends to see if it’s a possible endeavor. You can bet I’ll be sharing this recording if and when it becomes available, as I believe it is truly a valuable, tear-jerking, eye-opening 90 minutes worth hearing.

For more information on the play visit

For information on how to donate

To learn more about Hemophilia and the Canadian Hemophilia Society’s BC Chapter visit

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The phrase, “Am I nuts?” was the first thing that came out of my mouth at 6:00 am yesterday morning. This advertising business contains a lot of idealism. Sure that client will approve the ad with a happy Hitler holding a bunch of balloons (they didn’t). Of course you’ll be able to get that shot with a remote control helicopter (it crashed). Hug thousands of strangers while dressed as cuddly animals to raise money for charity? No problem, uh, somebody else will do the hugging right?

When Spring set up an internal contest to find a replacement for our very fun first day of spring fundraiser, Boink Day, we got a lot of great submissions. But a hug-athon was the clear winner. Full marks to Springer, Justin Van Mulligan for his submission. The plan, simple. Every time a Vancouverite would hug a cuddly-dressed Springer, Spring would donate $1 to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. We held Hugs For Hunger in downtown Vancouver. Much of the activity centered around the Art Gallery. Passers-by were invited to kick in their own money too. One kind soul actually gave us $100 for a hug.

This being our eighth year of Strange Acts of Kindness we’ve learned most of the lessons that go with holding weird fund raising events. One is, there are specific roles. Three kinds. People to sell participation (in this case, Hug Pimps) then there are those who do the “thing” – Huggers. And finally, collectors. They count the hugs and take in donations. These jobs have always been rotated among Springers as the day goes on.

Yet in the days leading up to Hugs for Hunger an air of nervousness descended on Spring. Few were volunteering to be huggers and many were just refusing. Turns out, the idea of hugging hundreds of complete strangers while wearing a fuzzy animal costume is a little out of most comfort zones. Turns out, it’s out of mine.

Turns out that in one of life’s oxymoronic truisms, you can’t get behind a great idea from behind it. You get in front of it. In a furry bear suit. In front of a core sample of humanity with open, fuzz-clad, beckoning, hugging arms.

The embrace hug

Which is what a bunch of us wound up doing yesterday. And it was one of those life experiences that has so far, defied words. Yesterday I had the incredible experience of embracing and feeling the embrace of hundreds of people who I have never met and will probable never see again. And found that each hug was like a tiny touch of their souls. I felt, and everyone who had the same experience agrees, that I could look inside of these people a little. For added sensory acuity, the suits provided lousy vision so there was a lot of hugging blind where other senses kind of took over.

I had hugs from people who felt good about hugging because they felt good about life. I had hugs that felt like that person was getting permission to be affectionate. Hugs from people who at that instant challenged themselves to something they were afraid of, and congratulated themselves in that hug. I hugged people who just really needed a hug. Hugged those who hadn’t had human contact for quite some time. Hugged the happy. Hugged shoppers who got something unexpected for free. Hugged little kids. Got firmly rejected by a guy who clearly could have used a hug. Hugged by the reluctant and the aggressively enthusiastic alike. Hugged an old man with a long beard and a turban and a cane. Hugged executives in suits and delightfully bewildered Japanese tourists. For some reason there was a large group of Native kids downtown yesterday and all of them lined up and gave me the most wonderful warm and sincere hugs of the day. And given the high quality of many other hugs, that’s saying something. An older woman among them said to me, “we must touch hearts when we hug” and we did.


The whole thing, in its entirety has left me a still-grinning idiot.

I’ve been lucky enough to count up some great experiences in life. Hugging for Hunger now stands among the top of that tally. Sorry about this trite sounding rhyme but the best drug, is a whole lotta hug.

Thanks to all the Springers, the clients who kicked in, BooLala costumes for the deal on the furry suits, Jim at John Casablancas Institute for providing your very helpful extra personnel and thanks to every one of you who came in for the hug.


Rob Schlyecher

Chief Cuddling Officer at Spring

Hugs for Hunger Signature

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Hugs For Hunger

March 20 isn’t Christmas or Valentines Day or Mother’s Day but to me, the first day of spring is a day that needs its due. If you think I’m biased, you are correct. But let’s leave that aside for the moment and consider the following. If Vancouver’s long, damp, leave-for-work-in-the-dark-come-home-in-the-dark winter is a very long and miserable workweek, then March 20 is at least its Friday afternoon. The crocuses are up, the days are longer and warm evenings of flip-flops and ice cream cones are on the way.

We opened our little shop of ideas on the first day of spring eight years ago. So yes, the first day of spring is the first day of Spring. We’re grateful for the people who’ve come to work here and the clients who’ve come to work with us over those years. And, with exactly one paying client and an 8 x 12 workspace, we were grateful on our very first day in 2006. On that March 20, we donated a portion of our extremely meager working capital to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank through an interesting online donation program that involved Slinkys frozen into 250 lb. blocks of ice.

Since then we’ve encouraged Vancouverites to celebrate the exit from winter’s sodden squeeze on every first day of spring. Every time we’ve worked with the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. The Food Bank gets pretty much ignored this time of year so we have drawn attention and donated to it in some pretty unusual ways. These actions fit into a broader policy employed at Spring that we call Strange Acts of Kindness. (SAKs)

On a number of those March 20s we’ve held Boink Day. Boink Day is a pogo-stick-athon where we encourage downtown passers by to get on a pogo stick. When they do, we donate a dime per “boink” to the Food Bank. Or, they can get a Springer to do the same for their ten-cent donation per boink. Good fun.

streethug 2

This year, we’re changing things up. It just feels like the city could use a hug. So, we’ll be sending our team of big, soft cuddly animals out on the streets this Thursday March 20th to Hug for Hunger. See one, give him or her a hug and we’ll donate a $1 to the Food Bank. Or, see one, ask for a hug, donate $1 yourself. Look for our designated Huggers around the Art Gallery. Here’s more . Or check out @springad on twitter for #hugsforhunger and invite us to your office, workplace or crowded bus for a round of hugs.

It’ll make your day, and somebody else’s dinner.



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Snapchat as an Ad Medium

Snapchat is a rapidly growing photo messaging application. Using the app, users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to a controlled list of recipients. These sent photographs and videos are known as “Snaps”. Users set a time limit for how long recipients can view their Snaps (ranging from 1 to 10 seconds) after which they will be hidden from the recipient”s device and deleted from Snapchat”s servers.

The extremely active Snapchat user base is made up primarily of millennials aged 13 to 23. Over 400 million snaps are sent daily and recent research shows that 77% of college students in North America are using Snapchat at least once daily. This has made it one of the fastest growing social networks. In fact, in November of last year the company turned down acquisition offers of 3 billion and 4 billion cash from Facebook and Google respectively.

As the network continues to grow, advertisers are looking for ways to get involved.

Brands can send snaps to users that follow them or create stories that are visible to followers and/or the public on Snapchat. Stories are a series of pictures/video clips that have been stitched together and are the closest Being a scorpio horoscope born on October 29th, your personality is characterized by ambition and passion. thing to a broadcasting option that exists on the medium.

Check out stories:

Early adopter brands that have experienced success on the app include: Taco Bell, Seventeen Magazine and HBO. However, since the release of stories, increased activity from a more diverse set of brands is being seen. McDonalds, NPR, Bloomberg Businessweek, Juicy Couture and the New Orleans Saints have all recently launched campaigns using stories public to the Snapchat user base.

A drawback of the service as an ad medium is the lack of engagement metrics such as: likes, shares, favourites and retweets. Companies can only see if their post was viewed and there are currently no business friendly reporting and analysis features built in.

While Snapchat is quite young and unproven as an ad medium, a rapidly growing, engaged and diversifying user base mean a massive amount of potential. In a recent study, 73% of users surveyed said they would open a snap from a brand they knew, while 45% said they would open a snap from a brand they didn’t. There is the possibility of the service going the route of Twitter by incorporating “promoted snaps” to users, however there are no immediate plans for monetization.

It will be very interesting to see how advertisers continue to interact with the growing user base and how the app evolves in both its user experience and advertiser features.



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Be Afraid of What Isn’t Scary

LOV2746 Love Child Brand ID4

A little while ago a couple from Whistler came to see us about doing some package design and branding for a line of premium priced, high quality organic baby food. They had a name for it. It was OK. But we changed it.

This business of marketing gorges itself on jargon: Differentiation, niche, point-of-difference, positioning. Rather than clear all those charge-by-the buzzword terms I’d like to add one: Undull. Undull, it’s a verb, it’s an adjective. And it’s important because so much of what we experience in the world has been focus-grouped, committee-d and job-security-ed into drowsy submission.

My wife and I used to celebrate the fact that we always agreed on paint colours. Until we realized that we were painting all the rooms in our house different shades of beige. Sure we fought a lot when we repainted, but our place looks great.

Here at Spring we use a motivation exercise called think/feel/do. As in, what does the target audience think? And how can we impact that thinking? What do they feel? And can we have a hand in that? And finally, what will they do? And can we get them to do something? And what is that? Think. Feel. Do.

We’ll start with an insight on our premium baby food target audience and go from there.

Insight: “First Born” is an important concept. It is the point when parents care the most about getting it right. It’s when they take the most photos, install the best car seat with the most care and put the most effort into parenting. I can tell you as a three-time parent, it’s pretty much downhill from there.

So? Anyone who pays a premium price for baby food is probably a first time parent. Yes I know, there will be second and third time parents etc. remember your marketing 101, secondary target audiences are superfluous to focus.


Note: Please forgive the attempts at a comedic tone here; case studies can be a little tedious without it.

Think: “We must have the very best quality, safest and most nutritious baby food in the world for the very best baby we’ve ever had.”

Feel: “We used to be cool. We were a couple. We hung out in cool places, we were individuals! And we just fell in love with this beautiful little person. But please, don’t bury us in a minivan. Yet.”

Do: “Let’s buy baby food and stuff that reflects our newly discovered two-is-now-three-ness.”

Now let’s go back to the beige paint. Don’t want beige? Get your brave pants on.

Too many brands drop dead. Actually they were born that way. They weren’t different enough, they didn’t stand out. Nobody took a chance, nobody got into an argument. They were conceived in a committee and gestated in a focus group.

Taking the Undull Route.

We decided to call the baby food something kind of out-there and controversial. At the same time it had to be descriptive. We went back to our imagined parents, two individuals on a new frontier of love and fear.

We dealt with love by creating a brand that was loving. We dealt with fear by making it a clean and trustworthy package and design that projected purity, nutrition and confidence. And we found a name that felt iconoclastic and strangely, controversial. And individualistic. We wanted our audience to feel like they were doing something cool when they picked the package up off the shelf. We wanted them feel like they’d want to show it off in their pantry.

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Child of the 90s

The 90s were a time of economic prosperity and unbridled excess. So naturally, there were some really great commercials. Here is a selection of my personal favourites:


Before Mentos was dropped into Coke Bottles to make mild explosives, it was the Freshmaker!


Seven year old me loved two things: The Toronto Blue Jays and Juice. Needless to say, McCain fruit punch made its way on to my family grocery list every week. In fact, I loved these “Catch de Taste” ads so much that they have since become the name of my softball team. We actually had a chance to meet Roberto Alomar a few years ago to get our Jerseys signed. He asked if he could have one, we gladly obliged.


No one has ever made painting a fence look this fun. I particularly enjoy how heartfelt the “RIGHT OVER THE RUST” line is sung. I’d also recommend taking in some of the City Pulse episode that comes after the clip.


Ok, so this one is more of a PSA than a commercial but that doesn’t make it any less incredible. Created by War Amps for their PLAYSAFE campaign it features an acrobatic robot named Astar, from the Planet Danger, who can re-attach its own limbs at will. Three important questions immediately come to mind:

  1. What is Planet Danger?
  2. Where is Planet Danger?
  3. Why is Planet Danger?


I can’t be sure what product this ad is actually for but I think we can all agree that “some people say I eat too many chocolate bars” is one of the most iconic lines of any TV ad from the 80s or 90s. My favourite part is how uncomfortable he looks at the end.


If Hal Johnson and Joanne MCleod told me to eat dirt, I’d probably do it. I wonder if that fax number still works…


I could probably write a whole separate blog about 90s Toy ads because they were all so perfectly persuasive but Mouse Trap had to be my favourite. LOOK AT HOW MUCH FUN THEY ARE HAVING. Also worth noting is that the actual Mouse Trap game was impossible to set up and broke immediately, placing it alongside “The Grape Escape” and “13 Dead End Drive” in every garage sale ever.

Honourable toy ad mentions include: Creepy Crawlers, Simon, Sockem Boppers, Bop-It, Don’t Wake Daddy, anything NERF.


While we are on the subject of 90s nostalgia, Microsoft did a great job rehashing the classics in this spot:

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